Matilde Girasole Cup Of Tea

Matilde Girasole

July 2020 – Artist and songwriter Matilde Girasole is back on the scene with a highly anticipated new release, Cup of Tea.

Cup of Tea is a showcase of personality and passion, and a reminder that Matilde is definitely an artist who is not the kind of person who would rely on shortcut or settle for less.

This song is excellent and well-produced, a strong indication of her artistic integrity and ability to create music that’s massively appealing.

Matilde follows in the footstep of influential recording artists such as Sia, Robyn, Halsey, and Billie Eilish, among others, but she still managed to develop a strong individuality, shining for her personality and showing the world what she is all about.

This release is a must for all fans of high-quality electronic pop music out there.

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