Tyler Renata

Tyler Renata

Born and raised in Florida, Tyler Renata Sams, professionally known as Tyler Renata, is a fresh artist ready to take on the world with her “breath of fresh air” style of music. Her influences consist of Ariana Grande, Chris Brown, H.E.R., JoJo, as well as many other R&b artists.

As a child she was in many musicals as strong leading ladies and created music with some friends, as she got older.

In 2016, she participated in a “#SoGoneChallenge” on Twitter which received 2.5 Million views and then on Facebook which reached 9 Million. Her following sky rocketed in a matter of a few days.

She posted a few videos on Twitter of herself singing which got some attention, but she focused on and eventually finished her education.

But Miss Renata made a HUGE comeback and surprised everyone in late June of 2020 when she dropped a vibrant love song titled Let Me Love U Right as her debut single with Nu Deal Music Group.

Her newest feisty pop single Summertime dropped August of 2020. Tyler Renata is a new and determined future star with a voice ready to be heard.