Wicked Garden

Wicked Garden

Wicked Garden is an indie rock powerhouse from Las Vegas, Nevada.

With their critically acclaimed debut cd Post Dystopian Leisure Music, Wicked Garden has amassed close to half a million streams, in addition to physical and online sales that have seen them chart in countries such as Australia, France, and the UK.

Their first single, Already Gone, hit number one on stations and charts around the world, with other album cuts being played and streamed in over 80 countries.

Wicked Garden’s music is a blend of 90’s era alternative and grunge, mixed in with the classic hard rock styles of the past to create a sound that is underrepresented in the music industry today, yet cuts across genres to appeal to fans of all types of rock music.

Wicked Garden is currently in production for the follow up to Post Dystopian Leisure Music with plans on releasing their new album in 2021.

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